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Goremarket Mid-Prices 2007 – Goremarked Mid–Prices (Nailboard Records)

1. For Idiots All Over The World
2. Have A Nice Fucking Day
3. Circle Of Masturbators
4. Sin You Are
5. Bitch Hard The Girls Squad
6. Ghosts From The Toilet
7. Dämneission
8. Dig The Romance
9. Goremarket Mid–Prices
10. Give Me Some Shit
11. B.O.M Fuckers
12. Wretched In Catwalk
13. Pop Rock Cowboy
14. Basement Medic
15. Like Lingerie For Hardworkers
16. IBM (Interrogated, Brutally Mutilated)
17. Three Of Us

Recorded and mixed by Meelis Tauk
Mastered by Kristo Kotkas
Design by Anni Helm


  • Nõid (Ave Satanas)
  • Antikeha
  • Neetud
  • Painaja
  • Asülum
  • Split with Tukkanuotta
  • Tüdruk ja Surm
  • Goremarket Mid-Prices
  • Nekromantik